Crochet Hook Bracelet Tutorial


Thank you for dropping by The Crafty Geekette. Today, I wanted to show you the most simple and adorable piece of jewelry any crocheter could ever form themselves.  It doesn’t take too long and the materials and tools can be counted on one hand.

Material options vary. I chose to use round  nose pliers, which you can pick up online, in craft supply stores or even in some walmarts. I chose to use a buffer, to keep the metal from scratching. The buffer can be anything from a scrap of fabric or a make-up puff. Just make sure that you use something that compresses, but doesn’t tear easily. These were the tools I had on hand at the time.  A more proper solution is nylon pliers. The nylon allows you to shape the hook without scratching, because you aren’t gripping metal with metal.


The process is so simple, I feel like I’m not really doing much here, but giving you guys and gals a list of items and saying,”Here, wing it!”

DSC_0788 I will admit, I was pretty defeated when I started with a 4.25 mm (G) crochet hook. It hurt my hands and it hardly budged. So, I moved down to a 3.5mm (E) crochet hook. With the 3.5mm hook (or smaller), you need nothing but the pliers, buffer (if not using nylon) and a little patience.

-Hold it to your arm to gauge where you want your bends to be. You can mark this with a washable marker, if it helps keep your place. I just eyeballed it.

– Grip the hook with the pliers to the far side of where you want your bend and slowly roll the pliers, creating a small arch. You’ll move the pliers a few centimeters and repeat the process until it rounds out smoothly. You will repeat the process on the other side. For the most personalize fit, you can keep sliding it back over your wrist between arches.

It’s as simple as that. ~ Patience is key. DSC_0785

Note:  I REALLY advise doing this projects with smaller hooks to make it easy to flex the hook when you are ready to wear or remove it.

***For larger hooks, you will need a heating element and some heat resistant mits to hold your project as you complete the process above. If you attempt to force the larger hooks without heating them, they are more likely to break. To keep the aluminum pliable I suggest boiling for 1-2 minutes, removing from water and arching. You’ll have to repeat the boil and arching multiple times to get a smooth bend. Aluminum doesn’t retain heat for long, so the repeated heating and slowly arching may become time consuming. I caution you to use care with any hot metal, especially when repeating this process over and over. Burns and blisters are no good for crocheting, after all.

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Happy Crafting,

Jacqualyn, The Crafty Geekette



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