Hello, Sweeties! My name is Jacqualyn and I’m the owner of the The Crafty Geekette.  I’m 28 years old and married to an amazing woman. I have one darling little girl who was the inspiration behind first starting my very own craft business.  In 2011, the summer after my daughter was born, I opened my first little craft stand in the online community. The Crafty Geekette has seen some re-branding with time as my craft knowledge expanded.

I started out in the craft community hand painting wooden plaques and letters. Soon, I was looking for something a little less dependent on the weather. With a little one in the house, some of the painting supplies simply had to be dried outside and that meant waiting on the weather. I soon found a new hobby in sewing. My sweet baby girl would sleep through the gentle hum of a sewing machine.  Just as I was comfortable with my new favorite craft, we were uprooted and moved 900 miles north. After a few months of getting settled into a new home The Crafty Geekette  was back in business, this time, with another new craft. I had picked up crocheting in my down time and with the weather much more chilly in our new home, I began selling my crochet wears. Now, The Crafty Geekette is a forum for all sorts of crafts and has even opened up to polymer clay work and graphic design.

Why “The Crafty Geekette” and what is this geekette I speak of?  Well, I’m an avid anime lover. I enjoy all things Studio Ghibli and several other mainstream shows, as well as constantly looking for a next new favorite on crunchyroll.  I enjoy PC  and console gaming. Doctor Who, Sherlock and My little Pony are among the list of my favorite shows.  And while once upon a time being a geek or nerd was something people tried to conceal, I’m rather proud of it. I am a proud Geekette. I am girly, fun and nerdy all wrapped up in one.

You can find more about The Crafty Geekette on


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